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What kind of casino game comes to mind immediately? Video Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Backcart, Bingo, Keno, Poker, Video Poker. But there are gambles that have failed to gain popularity among both players and providers for some reason. Why this is a complex question. Perhaps it is worth understanding their rules once and for all to pay attention to them as soon as possible.

Seek bow

Sik Bo came from China. This game of chance is hundreds of years old. It is a kind of game that uses hexagonal dice to create winning combinations. Like dice, craps, chalk-on-luck (or grand hazard) sic bo. On the playground, like sic bo and roulette. At first glance, the rules of the game may seem complicated. In fact, this perception is deceptive. To understand its simplicity you just have to learn its rules and play once. If you are a fan of related games then you will have no problem understanding its effectiveness.

To win, you must predict the dice roll. If you guess, you win; If you do not guess, you lose. But you don’t have to guess just three dice to win. Betting options included:

  • Small (4 to 10 points) bets and large (11 to 17 points) bets. This option is most popular among players
  • Bet on each dice number
  • Pair betting
  • Total bet
  • Bet on a triple
  • Bet on any triplet.

Like any other game of chance, victory depends on your luck. Sic Bo is great because it allows you to use some techniques.

Pie gai

You probably haven’t had the good fortune of this type of gambling, which also comes from China. The gist of the game is as simple as possible, and the gameplay itself is easily addictive. The best Pie gai The downside is that coordination rankings are hard to remember. Just imagine – there are hundreds of adjustments involved in ranking. Remember their value – not an easy task. Often in casinos, you can find a form of pie go poker.

Pie Gau is based on a set of 32 dominoes. Handing out is done either by the banker (seller) or by the player himself. This is done after each player has placed a bet. The banker divides all the dominoes into 8 blocks – 4 in each block. The player’s task is to divide his domino into 2 strong or value-balanced pairs. After everyone shares their dominoes, players place their strong pairs horizontally on the table and their weak pairs vertically. But the good news is that this game has a great opportunity to build your strategy, which will lead you to victory.

Time of madness

Crazy Time is a development of the world famous Studio Evolution Gaming. It has tiered bonuses and multipliers that allow you to win up to 25,000 more from your bet. It’s basically the studio’s more well-known game, Dream Catcher, but with the addition of several bonuses – Cash Hunt, Crazy Time, Coinflip, Pachinko. All of these are designed to increase bonus payouts.

The developer has invested a lot of effort, imagination, money and advanced technology in creating this game. This has resulted in an atypical online casino game, where the process is influenced by the host. The rules of the game are impossibly simple. You have to bet on one of the 54 different positions on the arrow. They include 45 numbers and 9 bonuses. The numbers give you an idea of ​​how many times your bet will increase if you win. Bonuses are also simple – if you choose a bonus arrow position and it comes up, you will participate in the bonus round. Otherwise, you just see the results.

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is a unique game released in 2017. At the time of its launch, it was a kind of online casino game. Since its inception, it has received rave reviews from those who do not like live table games. The wheel of the game consists of 54 sectors. Once the wheel starts to spin, the host tries to entertain the players, jokes and chats with them through a special chat room. All in all, everything resembles a TV show from the 90s as much as possible.

There are 6 main factors – 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40 and 2 additional factors – 2x and 7x. Next, a new round is triggered and the next number drawn is multiplied by 2x or 7x (depending on the value drawn). This game is for those who like a relaxing game without any strategy or challenge.

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After a busy mid-week in the Champions League, four of the five Spanish teams participating in the top continental competition will play against each other on the 15th in La Liga Santander. Villarreal CF will host FC Barcelona on Saturday night before Real Madrid face Sevilla FC at the Santiago Bernabeu at the same time on Sunday night.

Before that, Athletic Club Friday night is in action again and they will be looking for an overdue win at home Granada CF.. The Bilbao team still has two more matches on Friday so far this November, but they have suffered a disappointing home rate loss to Cিজdiz CF and a disappointing goalless draw in the final round at Levante UD. This Friday, The lion Expect to give their fans something to shout about to start the weekend.

Xavi – FC Barcelona

La Liga Santander Action will be in Basque Country on Saturday D. Alaves Face Celtic RC In the early kick-offs, the club of Vittoria-Gastez are hoping to retain their great form. Alaves has won three of their last five matches and drawn two, so will be full of confidence for this match.

Valencia CF. Vs. Valecano Ray Following, hope to take their good home form on the side streets of the capital city. They have played great at home all season, but their away form is lower than the league average. History is not in favor of Rayo, but they have won only once in their last 20 tours in Mestalla. Getafe CF. They will then look to improve their remote form when they travel to mainland RCD Mallorca. Quick Sanchez Flores Azulons Improving, having beaten the Cadiz four last weekend, but they are still looking for that first win.

The first of the weekend’s massive blockbuster clashes arrives at 9pm CET on Saturday night: Villarreal CF. Vs. FC Barcelona Estadio de la Seramica. Both sides have suffered disappointing results in the Champions League in the middle of the week, so playing this crucial La Liga Santander will be the biggest inspiration as they look to qualify for next year’s European competition. This will be only the third match under new Barাa coach Xavi, whose side are looking very positive even though they are still struggling to find the back of the net.

Real Betis Host down UD in Levante To start action on Sunday. Levante may be fighting but they are proud of their very good recent record against the Andalusians. In their previous six meetings, UD have won four Levante against just two for Real Betis. With 20M The established side is still undefeated, this weekend will be a good time to snatch the first three-points of the season.

In second place Real society Then back to action on Sunday afternoon with a clever trip to play RCD Espanyol In Catalonia. Original They haven’t lost since the first day of the season, but they’ve made a few draws in recent weeks and will want to return to the top of the table, at least temporarily.

Defending champions Atletico Madrid Looking for another victory too and they will tour Cadiz CF. Sunday evening. The Yellow Getafe have conceded four last weekend, just as they conceded four in each of their meetings with Atletico last season. An array of star forwards from Diego Simeone can lick their lips.

Then all eyes were on the Spanish capital; Real Madrid Vs. Sevilla FC Third as first (9pm CET) game. Julen Lopetegui will return to the Bernabeu to face his former club, whom he has never lost as coach. In fact, Sevilla have historically fought this match and, although they drew 2-2 with Real Madrid last year, were in good form and have not won at Bernabeu in their last 13 tours since 2008. It is a strong though Sevilla squad, and they will go on the field with confidence.

Match 15 action ends with Monday night’s game: CA Health Vs. Elche CF. El Sadar. This will be Elche’s first match since the dismissal of Fran Escriba, so everyone’s eyes will be on him Franzivardes They want to start this brand new era with a win.

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List of GAA Fixtures – Football and Harling 2022 – Sections 1, 2, 3 and 4, Cigarson Cup, Fitzgerald Cup.

The new GAA rules have been explained

GAA betting tips over the weekend

Click here for live GAA scores and comments

GAA League table for the North and South divisions

Friday 1 April

Ulster U20FC Quarter Finals
Monaghan vs. Kavan, Iniskin, 8 p.m.
Derry vs. Antrim, Weinbeg, 8 p.m.
Donegal vs. Armagh, Ballybofe, 8 p.m.
Tyrone vs. Down, TBC, 8 p.m.

Saturday 2nd April

Allianz Football League Division 4 Final
Cavan v. Tipperary, Croke Park, 2.30pm

Allianz Football League Division 3 Final
Louth vs. Limerick, Croke Park, 4.45pm

Final in Allianz Hurling League Division 2
Down v Westmeath, Sample Stadium, 4.45pm

Allianz Hurling League Division 1 Final
Cork vs Waterford, Sample Stadium, 7.15pm

Allianz Hurling League / 2B / 3A / 3B Final
1st place team vs semifinal winner

All-Ireland U20HC B Quarter Finals

Sunday 3rd April

Allianz Football League Division 1 Final
Kerry vs. Mayo, Croke Park, 4 p.m.

Allianz Football League Division 2 Final
Roscommon vs Galway, Croke Park, 1.45pm

Liddell Ladies NFL Division 3 Final
Roscommon v. Wexford, Bir, 4 p.m.

Liddell Ladies NFL Division 4 Final
Limerick vs. Offali, Bir, 2 p.m.

Sunday 10 April

Christy Ring Cup Round 1
Derry vs. Wicklow, TBC, TBC
Mayo vs. Kildare, TBC, TBC
London vs. Sligo, TBC, TBC

Nicky Record Cup Round 1
Fermanagh vs. Donegal, TBC, TBC
Armagh vs Roscommon, TBC, TBC
Warwickshire vs. Tyrone, TBC, TBC

Lorry Cloud Cup Round 1
Lancashire vs. Louth, TBC, TBC
Monaghan vs. Kavanagh, TBC, TBC
Leitrim vs. Longford, TBC, TBC

Saturday 16 April

Ulster SFC Preliminary Round
Farmanagh vs. Tyrone, TBC, TBC

Leinster SHC Round 1
Wexford vs. Galway, Chadwicks Wexford Park, TBC
Westmeath v. Kilkenny, TEG Cusack Park, 6 p.m.
Dublin vs. Laos, Parnell Park, 7.30pm

Joe McDonagh Cup Round 1
Meth vs. Carlo, TBC, TBC
Kerry vs. Down, TBC, TBC
Antrim vs. Ofhali, TBC, TBC

Christy Ring Cup Round 2
Killer vs. London, TBC, TBC
Wicklow vs. Mayo, TBC, TBC
Sligo vs. Derry, TBC, TBC

Saturday 16 / Sunday 17 April

All-Ireland U20HC B Semifinals

Sunday 17 April

Connach SFC Quarter Final
London vs. Leitrim, Ruislip, TBC
New York vs. Sligo, Gaelic Park, TBC

Munster SHC Round 1
Waterford vs. Tipperary, Walsh Park, 2 p.m.
Cork vs. Limerick, O’Caum Park, 4 p.m.

Nicky Record Cup Round 2
Roscommon v. Warwickshire, TBC, TBC
Donegal vs. Armagh, TBC, TBC
Tyrone vs. Farmanagh, TBC, TBC

Lorry Cloud Cup Round 2
Cavan v. Leitrim, TBC, TBC
Louth vs. Monaghan, TBC, TBC
Longford vs. Lancashire, TBC, TBC

Saturday 23rd April

Ulster SFC Quarter Finals
Antrim vs. Kavanagh, TBC, TBC

Leinster SHC Round 2
Wexford v Dublin, Chadwicks Wexford Park, 5 p.m.
Kilkenny vs. Laos, UPMC Nowlan Park, 5.30pm
Galway v Westmeath, Pierce Stadium, 7 p.m.

Munster SHC Round 2
Limerick vs. Waterford, TUS Gaelic Grounds, 6 p.m.

Joe McDonagh Cup Round 2
Carlo vs. Kerry, TBC, TBC
Offley vs. Meth, TBC, TBC

Christy Ring Cup Round 3
London vs. Mayo, TBC, TBC
Sligo vs. Wicklow, TBC, TBC
Kilder vs. Derry, TBC, TBC

Nicki Record Cup Round 3
Donegal vs. Roscommon, TBC, TBC
Tyrone vs. Armagh, TBC, TBC

Lorry Cloud Cup Round 3
Longford v. Louth, TBC, TBC

Sunday 24 April

Connach SFC Quarter Final
Mayo vs. Galway, TBC, TBC

Leinster SFC Round 1
Wicklow vs. Laois, Aughrim, TBC
Louth v. Carlo, Teltian Park, TBC
Wexford v. Offley, Chadwicks Wexford Park, TBC

Ulster SFC Quarter Finals
Donegal vs. Armagh, TBC, TBC

Munster SHC Round 2
Tipperary vs. Clare, FBD Sample Stadium, 2 p.m.

Joe McDonagh Cup Round 2
Down vs. Antrim, TBC, TBC

Nicki Record Cup Round 3
Farmanang v. Warwickshire, TBC, TBC

Lorry Cloud Cup Round 3
Leitrim vs. Monaghan, TBC, TBC
Cavan v. Lancashire, TBC, TBC

Saturday 30 April

Leinster SFC Quarter Finals
Dublin vs Afali / Wexford, Board or Mona O’Connor Park / Chadwicks Wexford Park, TBC

Munster SFC Quarter Final
Claire v. Limerick, Cusack Park, Ennis, 6 p.m.
Waterford vs. Tipperary, Freher Field, 6 p.m.

Ulster SFC Quarter Finals
Monaghan vs. Down, TBC, TBC

Joe McDonagh Cup Round 3
Kerry vs. Meth, TBC, TBC
Antrim vs. Carlo, TBC, TBC

Saturday 30 April / Sunday 1 May

All-Ireland U20HC B Final

Sunday, May 1

Connaught SFC Semifinals
Roscommon vs. New York / Sligo, TBC, TBC

Leinster SFC Quarter Finals
Kilder v. Louth / Carlo, Tailten Park / MW Hire O’Murley Park / Board Na Mona O’Connor Park, TBC
Meth vs. Laois / Wicklow, MW Haier O’Murray Park, TBC
Westmeath v. Longford, TEG Cusack Park, TBC

Ulster SFC Quarter Finals
Derry vs. Farmanagh / Tyrone, TBC, TBC

Leinster SHC Round 3
Galway v Kilkenny, Pierce Stadium, 2 p.m.
Laos vs. Wexford, MW Haier O’Murray Park, TBC
Westmeath v. Dublin, TEG Cusack Park, TBC

Munster SHC Round 4
Cork vs. Clare, FBD Sample Stadium, 2 p.m.

Joe McDonagh Cup Round 3
Down vs. Offley, TBC, TBC

Saturday, May 7

Munster SFC Semifinals
Cork vs. Kerry, Wein Rin Park, 6 p.m.

Christy Ring Cup Round 4
Derry vs. London, TBC, TBC
Wicklow vs. Kildare, TBC, TBC
May vs. Sligo, TBC, TBC

Nicky Record Cup Round 4
Roscommon vs. Tyrone, TBC, TBC
Warwickshire vs. Donegal, TBC, TBC
Armagh vs. Fermanagh, TBC, TBC

Lorry Cloud Cup Round 4
Lancashire vs. Leitrim, TBC, TBC
Louth vs. Kavanagh, TBC, TBC
Monaghan vs. Longford, TBC, TBC

Saturday 7 / Sunday 8 May

All-Ireland U20FC Semifinals
Concat vs. Leinster
Munster vs. Ulster

Sunday, May 8

Connaught SFC Semifinals
London / Leitrim vs Galway / Mayo, TBC, TBC

Ulster SFC Semifinals
Donegal / Armagh vs. Antrim / Cavan, TBC, TBC

Munster SHC Round 4
Limerick vs. Tipperary, TUS Gaelic Grounds, 2 p.m.

Saturday 14 May

Munster SFC Semifinals
Tipperary / Waterford vs. Clare / Limerick, TBC, 6 p.m.

Ulster SFC Semifinals
Monaghan / Down vs. Farmanagh / Tyrone / Derry, TBC, TBC

Leinster SHC Round 4
Dublin vs. Kilkenny, Parnell Park, 6 p.m.
Westmeath v. Wexford, TEG Cusack Park, 6 p.m.
Laos vs. Galway, MW Haier O’Murley Park, 6.30pm

Joe McDonagh Cup Round 4
Meth vs. Antrim, TBC, TBC
Carlo vs. Down, TBC, TBC
Kerry vs. Offali, TBC, TBC

Christy Ring Cup Round 5
Kildare in Sligo, TB, TB
Mayo vs. Derry, TBC, TBC
London vs. Wicklow, TBC, TBC

Nicki Record Cup Round 5
Fermanagh vs. Roscommon, TBC, TBC
Tyrone vs. Donegal, TBC, TBC
Warwickshire vs. Armagh, TBC, TBC

Lorry Cloud Cup Round 5
Cavan v. Longford, TBC, TBC
Monaghan vs. Lancashire, TBC, TBC
Leitrim vs. Louth, TBC, TBC

Saturday 14 / Sunday 15 May

All-Ireland U20FC Final

Sunday 15th May

Leinster SFC semifinals
TBC vs. TBC, Croke Park, 2 p.m.
TBC vs. TBC, Croke Park, 4 p.m.

Munster SHC Round 3
Waterford vs. Cork, Walsh Park, 2 p.m.
Claire v. Limerick, Cusack Park, Ennis, 4 p.m.

Saturday 21st May

Leinster SHC Round 5
Laos vs. Westmeath, MW Haier O’Murray Park, 6 p.m.
Kilkenny v. Wexford, UPMC Nowlan Park, 6 p.m.
Galway vs. Dublin, Pierce Stadium, 6 p.m.

Joe McDonagh Cup Round 5
Antrim vs. Kerry, TBC, TBC
Offali vs. Carlo, TBC, TBC
Down vs. Meth, TBC, TBC

Saturday 21 / Sunday 22 May

All-Ireland SFC Preliminary Round (if required)

Tailteann Cup Preliminary Round (if required)

Christie’s Ring Cup Final

Nicky Record Cup Final

Lorry Cloud Cup Final

All-Ireland U20HC Final
Leinster winner vs. Munster winner

Sunday 22 May

Munster SHC Round 5
Claire v. Waterford, Cusack Park, Ennis, TBC
Tipperary vs Cork, FBD Sample Stadium, TBC

Saturday 28 May

Leinster SFC Final
TBC vs. TBC, Croke Park, 7.30pm

Munster SFC Final
TBC vs. TBC, TBC, 3 p.m.

Saturday 28 / Sunday 29 May

Teltian Cup Round 1

Sunday 29 May

Connacht SFC Final
Roscommon / New York / Sligo vs. London / Leitrim / Galway / Mayo, TBC, TBC

Ulster SFC Final
Donegal / Armagh / Antrim / Cavan vs Monaghan / Down / Farmanagh / Tyrone / Derry, TBC, TBC

Saturday, June 4

Leinster SHC Final
TBC vs. TBC, Croke Park, 6 p.m.

Joe McDonagh Cup Final

Saturday 4 / Sunday 5 June

All-Ireland SFC Round 1

Teltian Cup quarter-finals

Sunday 5th June

Munster SHC Final
TBC vs. TBC, TBC, 4 p.m.

Saturday 11 / Sunday 12 June

All-Ireland SFC Round 2

All-Ireland SHC Preliminary Quarter Finals
Joe McDonagh finished third in the Cup winners vs. Munster group
Joe McDonagh finished third in the Group of Runners-up vs. Leinster group

Saturday 18 June

All-Ireland SHC Quarter Finals
Leinster Runner Up vs. Joe McDonagh Cup Winner / 3rd place in Munster Group
Monster Runner Up vs. Joe McDonagh Cup Runner Up / 3rd place in Leinster Group

Sunday 19 June

Teltian Cup semifinals

Saturday 25 June

All-Ireland SHC relegation play-off (if required)

Saturday 25 / Sunday 26 June

All-Ireland SFC Quarter Final

Saturday, July 2

All-Ireland SHC Semifinals
Leinster provincial winner vs. quarter final winner

Sunday, July 3rd

All-Ireland SHC Semifinals
Munster provincial winner vs. quarter final winner

Friday, July 8th

All-Ireland JFC Semifinals
Britain Winners vs. Kilkenny / New York
Britain Runners Up vs Kilkenny / New York

Saturday, July 9

Telten Cup Final

Saturday 9 / Sunday 10 July

All-Ireland SFC Semifinals
Connach * vs. Ulster *
Leinster * vs. Munster *

* Provincial champions or teams that beat them in the quarter finals

Sunday, July 10

All-Ireland JFC Final

Sunday 17 July

All-Ireland SHC Final

Sunday, July 24

All-Ireland SFC Final

Saturday 30 July

All-Ireland SHC Final Replay (if required)

Saturday, August 8

All-Ireland SFC Final Replay (if required)

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Kolkata, December 8, 2021: Roundglass Punjab FC head coach Ashley Westwood addressed the media at a virtual press conference on Wednesday, December 8, as the club prepares for the upcoming I-League 2021-22 season, which starts on December 26.

Westwood shared his thoughts: “The club has been thought out and built for the right reasons. Our founder Sunny (Gurpreet) Singh is deeply interested in sports and he wants to create sports opportunities for children and youth in Punjab, where he came from. He wants to enable overall well-being of people not only through sports but also by focusing on nutrition, education, healthy lifestyle and other aspects of wellness. “

“The same principle applies to our football team. We want to build a healthy, honest and hard working team and inspire the youth with our performance and style of play in line with Sunny’s vision, providing a real platform that the children and youth of Punjab want to see. , And it helps them to nurture their dream of becoming athletes, ”he added.

Roundglass Punjab FC’s pre-season training began in October and the team has been in Kolkata ever since, with players and support staff housed in a bio-protected environment.

“The pre-season has been good. This is a new team and the more time we spend with each other, the better. Living in this environment, which means staying and working together day and night, helps bring the team together and helps us learn more about each other and understand the character of each team member, which is part of our decision-making process. Another advantage of being together is that we can focus on football, because there is no confusion and we can control the environment. We’re trying to keep things challenging for the players and at the same time make sure it’s not monotonous, ”Westwood said.

A two-time I-League winner at Westwood, Bangalore FC and an experienced professional with more than 25 years of experience as a player and coach, Roundglass joined Punjab FC in July as head coach. The club has also made a strong statement of intent in the summer transfer window, following an impressive I-League debut under new ownership last season.

“The players we have contracted with give us balance and are brought in not only for their skills, but also for their professionalism and experience. I know the players I have worked with before will work properly and will be ideal not only for the young players at the club, but also for our academy and our fans. We wanted a balance of youth and experience in the squad so that we could challenge for the I-League, “said Westwood.

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We have a list of potential runners for the 2022 Entry Grand National. It will run on Saturday, April 9th.

A total of 78 horses are employed at the 2022 Randux Grand National after today’s scratching deadline.

The world’s largest and most valuable chase offers a total prize money of 1 million in 2022 and more than 4m 2f 74f on Aintree on Saturday 9th.M April, three days of the Randox Grand National Festival. Go to sbobet to get the latest bets on the race, they have great prices and offers for the Grand National.

The five-day acceptance period for the Randux Grand National is on Monday the 4thM April.

2022 Randox Grand National

Grade three

5.15pm Entree, Saturday 9M April

4m 2f 74y

1 Christ’s Dream (IRE) 10 11 10 Robco Henry de Bromhead Ireland

2 Minela Times (IRE) 9119 John p. McManus Henry de Bromhead Ireland

3 Delta Work (FR) 9 11 8 Gigginstown House Stud Gordon Elliott Ireland

4 EZILAND (FR) 8 11 7 P. McManus Jonzo O’Neill

5 Any second now (IRE) 10 11 7 people p. McManus TM Walsh Ireland

6 Run Wild Fred (IRE) 8 11 6 Gigginstown House Stud Gordon Elliott Ireland

7 Lastin Translation (IRE) 10 11 5 Taylor and O’Dwyer Colin Tizard

8 Brahma Bull (IRE) 11 11 5 Mrs. S. Ricky WP Mullins Ireland

9 Battleoverdoyen (IRE) 9 11 5 Gigginstown House Stud Gordon Elliott Ireland

10 Burroughs St. (FR) 9 11 4 Mrs. S. Ricky WP Mullins Ireland

11 Mount Ida (IRE) 8 11 4 KTDA Racing Gordon Elliott Ireland

12 Longhouse Poets (IRE) 8 11 3 Shawn and Bernardine Mullarian Martin Brasil Ireland

13 FidlerNatheruf (IRE) 8 11 3 Taylor, Barley and O’Dwyer Colin Tizard

14 Two for gold (IRE) 9 11 2 May We never find a partnership 2 Kim Bailey

15 Santini 10 11 1 Mr. & Mrs. R. Kelvin-Hughes Polly Gundry

16 Samcro (IRE) 10 11 0 Gigginstown House Stud Gordon Elliott Ireland

17 Chatham Street Lad (IRE) 10 11 0 Mr. V. Healy Michael Winters Ireland

18 Farclas (FR) 8 11 0 Gigginstown House Stud Gordon Elliott Ireland

19 Escaria Ten (FR) 8 11 0 McNeill Family Gordon Elliott Ireland

20 Good Boy Bobby (IRE) 9 10 12 Mr. Simon Munir and Mr. Isaac Sweed Nigel Twiston-Davis

21 Lord du Mesnil (FR) 9 10 12 Mr. Paul Porter and Mike and Mandy Smith Richard Hobson

22 Coco Beach (FR) 7 10 12 Gigginstown House Stud Gordon Elliott Ireland

23D Rasha Counter 10 10 11 Makin Bacon Partnership Emma Lovell

24 Caribbean Boy (FR) 8 10 11 Mr. Simon Munir and Mr. Isaac Sweed Nicky Henderson

25 Court Maid (IRE) 9 10 11 Rory F. Larkin Thomas Mullins Ireland

26 Kildisart (IRE) 10 10 10 Mr. Simon Munir and Mr. Isaac Sweed Ben Pauling

27 Discorama (FR) 9 10 10 Andrew Gemmel / Thomas Frill Paul Nolan Ireland

28 Highland Hunter (IRE) 9 10 10 Mr. T. Bar Paul Nichols

29 Top Ville Ben (IRE) 10 10 10 Harbor Rose Partnership Philip Kirby

30 Enjoy d’Allen (FR) 8 10 10 Mr John P. McManus Ciaran Murphy Ireland

31 Anibale Fly (FR) 12 10 10 Mr John P. McManus AJ Martin Ireland

32 Dingo Dollars (IRE) 10 10 10 M Warren J Holmes R Kidner & J Wright Sandy Thomson

33 Freewheel Dylan (IRE) 10 10 9 Miss Sheila Mangan Dermat Anthony McLaughlin Ireland

34 Class County (FR) 10 109 Mr Simon Munir / Mr Isaac Sweed WP Mullins Ireland

35 Nobel Yates (IRE) 7 109 m Robert Wally-Cohen Emmet Mullins Ireland

36 Mighty Thunder 9 10 9 Allson Sparkle Ltd Lucinda Russell

37 Cloth Cap (IRE) 10 109 X-rays of the late Mr. Trevor Hemings Jonzo O’Neill

38 Snow Cheetah 10 10 8 Andrew Fox-Pete Charlie Longsdon

39 Agusta Gold (IRE) 9 10 8 Dr SP Fitzgerald WP Mullins Ireland

40 Phoenix Way (IRE) 9 10 8 John p. McManus Harry Fry

41 Poker Party (FR) 10 10 7 Robcour Henry de Bromhead Ireland

42 Diz Aba (IRE) 9 10 7 X-rays of the late Mr. Trevor Hemings Philip Hobbs

43 Blacklean 13 10 7 Darren and Annely Yates Dan Skeleton

44 Death Duty (IRE) 11 10 6 Gigginstown House Stud Gordon Elliott Ireland

45 Go Ginger One (IRE) 10 10 6 Mrs. Caroline Ahern John McConnell Ireland

46 Domaine de L’Isle (FR) 9 10 6 Mr LM Power and Mr Ian Hutchins Sean Curran

47 Eclair Surf (FR) 8 10 5 Dominic Burke & Tim Syder Emma Lavelle

48 FORTSCU 8 10 5 Mr. TFF Nixon Henry Daly

49 Romain de Senam (FR) 10 10 4 Judith Wilson David Pipe

50 Commodore (FR) 10 10 4 Mrs. C. Watson and Mrs. S. Graham Venetia Williams

51 School Boy Hours (IRE) 9 10 4 people p. McManus Noel Mid Ireland

52 Rapid Retirement (IRE) 12 10 2 P. McManus Thomas Mullins Ireland

53 Full Back (FR) 7 10 2 Mr. Ashley Head Gary Moore

54 Roi Mage (FR) 10 10 2 Mr DG Pryde Patrick Griffin Ireland

55 Smoking Songs (IRE) 9 10 2 D.Barnard, N.Courtney, M.Madden, Gin & GGee’s Gordon Elliott Ireland

56 Mac Totti 9 10 1 Steve and Jackie Fleetham Peter Bowen

57 Kauto Riko (FR) 11 10 1 Mr and Mrs J. Dale and Partners Tom Gretton

58 Hill Sixteen 9 10 0 J Fife & S Townshend Sandy Thomson

59 Discordantly (IRE) 8 10 0 The Odd Fellow Partnership Mrs. J. Harrington Ireland

60 Plan of Attack (IRE) 9 10 0 mA. Halsall Henry de Bromhead Ireland

61 Potters Corner (IRE) 12 10 0 All Star Sports, Davis & Racehorse Club Christian Williams

62 Secret Reprieve (IRE) 8 10 0 Mr. and Mrs. William Rooker Evan Williams

63 Robin Des Foret (IRE) 12913 119 Partnership John McConnell Ireland

64 Mortal (IRE) 10 9 13 m. Dunlop Gordon Elliott Ireland

65 Defi Bleu (FR) 9 9 13 Gigginstown House Stud Gordon Elliott Ireland

66 Definite Plan (IRE) 10913 Mr. James J. Reilly Gordon Elliott Ireland

67 Mr. Whitaker (IRE) 10 9 13 Mr. TG Leslie Donald McCain

68 Achilles (FR) 12911 Mrs. Vida Bingham Venetia Williams

69 Larry 9911 Galloping on the South Downs Partnership Gary Moore

70 Pink Eyed Pedro 11911 Mr. David Brace David Brace

71 The Two Amigos 10 9 10 Bradley Partnership Nicky Martin

72 The Hollow Genes (IRE) 998 Genes Army Nigel Twiston-Davis

73 Jerisback (IRE) 1096 John p. McManus Ben smiled

74 Alpha des Obeaux (FR) 1296 Gigginstown House Stud Gordon Elliott Ireland

75 Stones and roses (IRE) 8 9 6 P. Reilly / C. Riley WP Mullins Ireland

76 Gwencily Berbas (FR) 11 9 6 Mr Aidan J. Ryan David Pipe

77 Didero Valles (FR) 996 Normans, Ramsay, Tufnell and Bishop Venetia Williams

78 Via Dolorosa (FR) 1091 Judith Wilson David Pipe

78 entries left

38 Irish-trained

The following 14 entries have been scratched:

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The Indian Premier League is the most popular cricket event that fans will tune in to every year. However, the 2022 edition should be a cricket event that many fans are waiting for with so much excitement. Some changes are expected this year and everyone is excited about the details.

Speaking of details to be released, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has finally confirmed when the 2022 IPL mega auction will take place. Many have speculated that the auction will take place in late December 2021 or early January 2022, but according to a report by, it will take place in the first week of February.

“The IPL 2022 auction is going to be held in the first week of February. The report further said that it will be a matter of two days like 2018 but IPL GC is planning to make it even better this time. Bangalore and Hyderabad have emerged as the two leading cities for the IPL 2022 auction which will be held with a better screening process in mind, ”the report said.

This means, however, that the exact date has not yet been announced. Still, fans are happy to know at least when the auction will take place. The auction is an important event to watch because only then will people know which team will have the best cricketers of today. Fans who like to bet on the cricket and IPL betting app make sure they don’t miss this event to help them decide on their future bets.

Which we know so far

The two new teams, Lucknow and Ahmedabad, are the main reasons for the change in the 2022 IPL. Even before the auction, player retention rules had already been announced and eight teams had already selected their retained players. Here is a list of players held by eight teams:

Royal Challengers Bangalore:

  • Virat Kohli (Rs 15 crore)
  • Glenn Maxwell (Rs 11 crore)
  • Mohammad Siraj (Rs. 6 crore)

Mumbai Indians:

  • Rohit Sharma (Rs 16 crore)
  • Jaspreet Bumrah (Rs 12 crore)
  • Suryakumar Yadav (Rs. 8 crore)
  • Kieron Pollard (Rs 6 crore)

Punjab Kings:

  • Mayank Agarwal (Rs 12 crore)
  • Arshdeep Singh (Rs 4 crore)

Sunrisers Hyderabad:

  • Ken Williamson (Rs 14 crore)
  • Abdul Samad (Rs 4 crore)
  • Omran Malik (Rs 4 crore)

Chennai Super Kings:

  • Rabindra Jadeja (Rs 16 crore)
  • MS Dhoni (Rs 12 crore)
  • Moin Ali (Rs. 8 crore)
  • Ruturaj Gaikwad (Rs 6 crore)

Delhi Capitals:

  • Rishabh Pant (Rs 16 crore)
  • Akshar Patel (Rs 9 crore)
  • Prithvi Shaw (Rs 7.5 crore)
  • Enrich Nortz (Rs 6.5 crore)

Kolkata Knight Riders:

  • Andre Russell (Rs 12 crore)
  • Varun Chakraborty (Rs. 8 crore)
  • Venkatesh Iyer (Rs 8 crore)
  • Sunil Narine (Rs 6 crore)

Rajasthan Royals:

  • Sanju Samson (Rs 14 crore)
  • Jos Butler (Rs 10 crore)
  • Yashsvi Jaiswal (Rs. 4 crore)

Meanwhile, the two new teams have been given a draft deadline of December 25. Recent reports, however, suggest that this deadline may be extended. These new teams can draft players who have not been retained by the eight teams, but it is still up to the players to decide whether to sign a new team.

All the teams will get a total purse of Rs 90 crore and since eight teams are already holding players, their purses will be less than the new team. Here is how many teams there are now after retaining players:

  • Royal Challengers Bangalore: Rs 57 crore
  • Mumbai Indians: Rs 48 crore
  • Punjab Kings: Rs 62 crore
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad: Rs 6 crore
  • Chennai Super Kings: Rs 48 crore
  • Delhi Capitals: Rs 42.5 crore
  • Kolkata Knight Riders: Rs 48 crore
  • Rajasthan Royals: Rs 62 crore

When is IPL 2022?

The date of IPL mega auction is not clear yet, it is also in the case of IPL 2022 schedule. However, depending on when the auction takes place, the IPL itself will probably start in March. The venue is still thought to be in India. Given the number of matches, the event will probably have a total of 74 matches.

This is not the first time that IPL will be a matter of ten teams. The last time this happened was in 2011 with the Kochi Taskers and Pune Warriors as part of the league. However, the BCCI’s relationship with these teams was not stable and both teams had to give up. The BCCI is confident of adding more teams to the league this year and this time, they are more precise with the details of the deal.

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It is pleased to announce the managers of the seven teams for the Racing League 2022, as well as to introduce a draft jockey to be held in Doncaster on Saturday morning, March 26.

With over £ 2 million in prize money, the racing league began in Doncaster on 4 August and ended in Newcastle on 15 September, taking on Thursday evening matches at Lingfield Park, Newcastle, Windsor and Southwel. All six meetings will be televised live on ITV Racing with longtime partner Sky Sports Racing.

As part of a new format, teams representing Ireland, London and the South, Scotland, East, North, Wales and West and Yorkshire will participate. Each team will provide two runners in each race, including horses and jockeys assigned by the team managers.

A total of 123 coaches have signed up to join the Racing League 2022 and all have been hired to represent their preferred or second-choice region. They all have to do their homework as if they are using a chassis.
Full details of the competition, including the teams and their respective coaches, can be found at

The managers of the seven teams are:

Ireland – Kevin Blake

London and South – Matt Chapman

Scotland – Linda Perrat

East – Rupert Bell

Answer – Mick Quinn

Wales and the West – Jamie Osborne

Yorkshire – Leona Mayor

Seven jockeys from each team will be selected as the team manager through a draft. The Zakirs who have signed up for this year’s Racing League include Tom Markund and last year’s top rider Jack Mitchell.

After a draw to decide the initial picking order, team managers will select the jockey in turn to ensure a fair allocation.

Jeremy Way, CEO of Racing League, said: “We are delighted to announce a team manager with rich racing knowledge and experience to represent the teams.

“They will play a significant role this year, starting with Saturday’s jockey draft which adds something new to the sport and adds really fun elements to the competition. 100 jockeys have registered and the selected ones will be joined by more than 120 coaches who have signed up across seven regional teams.

“We appreciate the support shown by many riders and look forward to adding more new initiatives for the Racing League 2022 in the coming months.”

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Real Madrid beat Barcelona in the semifinals of the first tournament, while Atletico beat Atletico Madrid in the second. The third draw of the new format of Supercopa de Espaানারa has started in Saudi Arabia. A four-team format was presented as part of a more exciting and profitable mini-event. This year it is back in Riyadh after an earlier draw in Spain due to Covid.

Spain Super Cup

Spanish El Clিকsico took part in the first match. Thanks to Vinicius Jr., the Whites took the lead in the 25th minute of the match. His opener came after Karim Benzema’s great pass. Although Blaugrana are now in a challenging situation with a lack of key players, they responded in the first half. Luke de Jong equalized in the 41st minute. However, if you want more football news every day, we recommend using the link to subscribe to specific sites.

In the middle of the second half, Benzema independently returned a goal to Meringuez. But this time another equalizer came from Ansu Fatir, whose perfect shot saved Barcelona seven minutes before the end of regular time. However, the spectators did not have the good fortune to watch the penalty shootout. Federico Valverde’s goal in the first 15 minutes of extra time was the deciding factor of the match. If you are fond of sports betting, we suggest you to go through the ratings of sports betting sites in India and choose a reliable bookmaker. Athletic Bilbao reached the final in another tough match, where they came back against the strong and powerful Atletico Madrid. The spectators waited for the first goal for 62 minutes. An unfortunate incident with Unai Simon led the Spanish keeper to his own goal. Nevertheless, Bilbao scored two decisive goals in just four minutes. Erie Alvarez scored the 7th goal, and Nico Williams scored the 61st goal. Atletico will now play Real Madrid in the final. The match will be held on January 16 in Saudi Arabia.

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Arguably the largest racing-based meeting on the National Hunt schedule, Cheltenham Festival It has become another memorable occasion on the race calendar and gone, especially given the fact that fans were able to return after the 2021 race was held behind closed doors.

Throughout Cheltenham’s rich history, the Irish festival has several success stories. Ireland’s best jockeys and coaches have rushed to England to further their glory in one of their most famous stages. This year was no different, as the immediately recognized names from the Irish Horse Racing aimed to run the race for their success and continue Ireland’s hugely successful time in the four-day festival.

The Cheltenham Festival has always been an unforgettable occasion, usually coinciding with St. Patrick’s Day and proving to be extremely popular with Irish race gurus. This year’s event was no different, especially for the talented Irish team. But overall, what were the rents of the Irish jockeys and coaches at Cheltenham and what were the Irish highlights from an event that first took place in 1860? Let’s look at some of them below.

Rachel Blackmore has made more history

Overall, Ireland dominated this year’s Cheltenham Festival, with Rachel Blackmore Especially show theft. The female jockey Cheltenham made a strong performance to reign supreme in the Gold Cup and cemented herself further as one of the greatest female jockeys of all time. His win, which came in a plus tard, was a sweet moment considering Blackmore finished second in last year’s race.

Regarding winning the Gold Cup, Blackmore said: “When I got my license, I never thought I would be in Cheltenham, the Gold Cup favorite. I never dreamed I could do it and I am. What I am doing now is a dream that I never allowed myself to have because it was not even in my reality. You can never dream big because it’s something I never thought would be possible. “

As a result of Blackmore’s victory, six of the last seven winners at the festival showpiece, including each of the last four, have been trained across the Irish Sea, and at the moment the clear bay between British and Irish racing is more pronounced.

The Irish have confirmed the Prestberry Cup

Another notable success story of this year’s festival is undoubtedly when Shawn O’Keefe, Patrick Mullins, Mark Walsh and Mark McDonagh made several strong performances. Prestberry cup, A competition that basically pitted the winners of the four days of the festival against each other, with each winner determined by their number depending on the country in which they were trained. Fortunately, for fans of Irish horse racing, the country’s strongest talent crop has been able to take their rivals home to iconic trophies and highlight again how strong the Irish horse and trainer are now.

Paul Townend had a great week

On Cheltenham’s final day, Paul Townend was able to cap a fruitful week by securing the Jacques title to win most of the race. Jockey Will Mullins, head of the 2022 Cheltenham Festival, has ridden countless successes on trained horses, Mullins has also had a successful time, and has been named the ninth top trainer in the rich history of the Cheltenham Festival.

Having been crowned Cheltenham Festival’s top coach, Mullins, who has become an influential force in horse racing, said: “I’m delighted with the whole team and I’m going to accept the award with all my team because those who do it in the background set me free.”

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Extra time Web Desk: Former Kolkata Knight Riders captain and current Royal Challengers Bangalore wicketkeeper-batsman Dinesh Karthik revealed on Wednesday how he is preparing to face his former team in their second match of the tournament.

Talking about his old franchise on the RCB show, the Tamil Nadu cricketer said, “I have known you well for four years. Great memories of those four years. I enjoyed the team. You know a lot of respect for each of the backroom staff. The CEO is someone who is very close to me and very personal. So considering all these things, you know you have to be very honest, I’m very nervous. Looks like I was in old school and moved and now I’m playing against old school. Looks a little different. I’m nervous at the same time nervous would sound more appropriate at this time, “

“From a batting point of view, obviously a key is to deal with Narine and Varun. In IPL, they have hurt all the batsmen. I gave them my two cents and we’ll know how good it will be in terms of how we play them tomorrow, “added the 2007 Twenty20 World Cup winner.

Now, KKR is going to face Karthik, it will be a very interesting duo for IPL fans all over the world.