Delaney and Mayo Chamoji are working to spread the gospel

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Like their Division 3 counterpart Kavanagh, newly-crowned Littlewoods Ireland League Division 4 champions Mayo are working hard to promote the game of camouflage in a fanatical football county.

Mayo’s teenage captain Mev Delaney believes the move to Division 3 is a big encouragement and he emphasized the advantage of playing Mayo clubs in Galway, the current All-Ireland senior and Division 1 league champions.

“It simply came to our notice then. This is our second year with an adult team, “said Delaney of Mayo’s remarkable league success.

“Our young girls are coming to Westport and Castlebar, and those clubs are making great progress. Every club is playing in Galway which is a huge issue for us as a county. The girls see an adult Mayo team; They have something to look forward to and that is not all. “

Lisa Scahill shot the first of her two goals as the Connach team took a 1-12 to 0-1 lead at half time and although Wicklow would be assisted by strong winds to change the edge, the title destination already looked certain. .

“One of the things we’ve said before is the performance rate,” said Delaney, who contributed four points to his team’s list.

But despite a wide final scoreline of 2-14 to 1-6, Delaney said Wicklow gave Mayo their win. “They’ve made it so much harder for us,” the Bridega woman insisted.

Mayo Center half-back Ava Lambert was named man of the match after impressing throughout last Sunday’s final. “He’s very tough at No. 6. He’s holding on in the middle. He’s a great player,” said his teammate Delaney.

“Different players in different positions have come up step by step at different times and that is why we have won,” Mev added.

Score for Mayo: El Scahill 2-3; S Delaney, M Delaney (2 45s, 1f) 0-4 each; S O’Brien 0-2; F McLoughlin 0-1

Score for Weeklo: L Manley 0-4 (1f); S Birmingham 1-0; K Terrell, S. Gotellen 0-1.

Mayo: A Crowley; A. Doherty, A. Mulkin, G. Delaney; S. Golden, A. Lambert, C. Delaney; M. Delaney, R. Lyons; F McLoughlin, S O’Brien, E Kelly; S. Delaney, L. Scahill, E. Delaney. Members: H. O’Malley (44) for E. Delaney, R. Cassidy (52) for Doherty, N. Kennedy (56) for McLaughlin, and B. Joyce (56) for C. Delaney.

Wicklow: Jay Tyrell; A. Mulhall, J. Byrne, C. Kelly; A. Connolly, Lisa Hogan, C. Kelly; A Keady, F Corrigan; S. Gottlen, S. Birmingham, J. Maxwell; K Tyrell, L. Manley, DS Cullen Right. Sub: C Byrne for Mulhall (HT), S Byrne for Lisa Hogan Eng (36); E. Carroll Hayes (40) for Maxwell, M. Kremlin (50) for C. Kelly, Laura Hogan (50) for DS Cullen Right, S. O’Shea (55) for Birmingham, H. Doyle (59) for Connolly, N. Quran for Kirigan. (60)

Referee: L O’Reilly (Cavan) 5000

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