Draft of Team Manager and Jockey for Racing League 2022 has been announced

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It is pleased to announce the managers of the seven teams for the Racing League 2022, as well as to introduce a draft jockey to be held in Doncaster on Saturday morning, March 26.

With over £ 2 million in prize money, the racing league began in Doncaster on 4 August and ended in Newcastle on 15 September, taking on Thursday evening matches at Lingfield Park, Newcastle, Windsor and Southwel. All six meetings will be televised live on ITV Racing with longtime partner Sky Sports Racing.

As part of a new format, teams representing Ireland, London and the South, Scotland, East, North, Wales and West and Yorkshire will participate. Each team will provide two runners in each race, including horses and jockeys assigned by the team managers.

A total of 123 coaches have signed up to join the Racing League 2022 and all have been hired to represent their preferred or second-choice region. They all have to do their homework as if they are using a chassis.
Full details of the competition, including the teams and their respective coaches, can be found at www.racingleague.uk/.

The managers of the seven teams are:

Ireland – Kevin Blake

London and South – Matt Chapman

Scotland – Linda Perrat

East – Rupert Bell

Answer – Mick Quinn

Wales and the West – Jamie Osborne

Yorkshire – Leona Mayor

Seven jockeys from each team will be selected as the team manager through a draft. The Zakirs who have signed up for this year’s Racing League include Tom Markund and last year’s top rider Jack Mitchell.

After a draw to decide the initial picking order, team managers will select the jockey in turn to ensure a fair allocation.

Jeremy Way, CEO of Racing League, said: “We are delighted to announce a team manager with rich racing knowledge and experience to represent the teams.

“They will play a significant role this year, starting with Saturday’s jockey draft which adds something new to the sport and adds really fun elements to the competition. 100 jockeys have registered and the selected ones will be joined by more than 120 coaches who have signed up across seven regional teams.

“We appreciate the support shown by many riders and look forward to adding more new initiatives for the Racing League 2022 in the coming months.”

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