Ireland have beaten Markund in a racing league jockey draft

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Tom Markund will represent Ireland in the Racing League 2022 after being selected first in the Jockey Draft this morning at the Doncaster Racecourse.

A total of 108 jockeys have signed up for the inaugural draft, with seven team managers each selecting seven riders in a pre-agreed order to ensure a fair allocation.

Each region will have at least one G1-winning rider to choose from, including Frankie Dettori of Wales and The West, Jamie Spencer for The North and last year’s top jockey Jack Mitchell for the East.

Ireland – Kevin Blake
Tom Markund
Rosa Ryan
Jason Watson
Tyler is hard
Dylan Brown McMonagall
Gavin Ryan
Billy Lee

Yorkshire – Leona Mayor
Paul Mulrenan
David Allen
Osin McSweeney
Joanna Mason
Cam Hardy
William Carver
Doggy Costello

East – Rupert Bell
Jack Mitchell
Hailey Turner
Kieran Shomark
Grace McEntee
Luke Morris
Ray Dawson
Cameron Noble

Wales and the West – Jamie Osborne
David Egan
Sapphire Osborne
Adam Kirby
Frankie Detori
Callum Shepherd
Neil Callan
Clifford Lee

Scotland – Linda Perrat
Kevin Stott
Ryan Sexton
Andrew Mullen
Ben Curtis
Rowan Scott
Graham Lee
James Sullivan

Answer – Mick Quinn
Jamie Spencer
Paul Hanagan
Ben Robinson
Connor Bisle
Harrison Shaw
Pat Cosgrave
Lewis Edmunds

London and South – Matt Chapman
Nicola Curie
Shawn Levy
Laura Pearson
Marco Ghiani
Daniel Muscat
Louis Steward
Ian Walsh

Ireland manager Kevin Blake said: “I’m really happy. Six out of seven were selections that I thought I could get and exceptions in which I was very happy. It’s a nice mix of British-based and Irish-based jockeys, with some of Ireland’s top boys keen to support the idea. Gavin Ryan and Dylan Brown McMonagel climbed the racing league last year and, like Billy Lee, were eager to get involved again. It would be great to be able to beat them with the British-based jockeys led by Tom Markund, who was clearly number one. “

Rupert Bell, team manager at The East, said: “It was fun to do. I’m glad I got most of what I wanted. I started with Jack Mitchell because he was the star of the show last year, helping Team TalkSport win. We have Haley Turner, Grace McIntyre and Luke Morris – some very reliable jockeys who will make our team proud.

Scotland team manager Linda Perrat said: “I am delighted with my selection. One or two of them were away early, so we gave our best. I think we have some really nice jockeys and some nice trainers with beautiful horses. Hopefully, they will be satisfied with the selection! ”
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