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February 1, 2022 – Today LaLiga Group International is launching the formal creation of a new holding company that will coordinate Boost LaLiga, a strategic project that joins La Liga and Global Investment Fund CVC, which has an 8.2% stake in the new company.

The creation of this new company brings with it a new financial injection of € 298 million, with € 220 million going to the club which is part of the Boost La Liga and another মিল 78 million for strategic projects promoted by the new holding company. This is the second cash injection since the project was launched after a 400 million payment in mid-January. These first two financial injections represent 35% of the লা 1.994 billion agreed in the Boost La Liga project. The first 1 billion of the investment will be received by July 2022, with the remaining capital to be spent throughout 2023 and 2024, accelerating the modernization strategies of La Liga clubs over 20 years.

LaLiga has transferred its business areas to the new LaLiga Group International Holding Company. By doing this, and with the support of CVC as a strategic industry partner, LaLiga expects to achieve maximum growth and modernization in the medium and long term.

La Liga president Javier Tevez says: “This agreement, the first of its kind for professional sports in our country, will give La Liga clubs the much-needed boost to 20 years of rapid professionalization and development.”

First investment: growth and debt repayment

Of the first € 400 million investment, € 395 million has already been made available to clubs, with a 39% increase earmarked for investment. Other projects will include funding for the improvement and reconstruction of stadiums and sports complexes and adaptation of pitches to meet television regulations. 34% will already be used by clubs and SADs (public limited sports companies) to repay loans.

The agreement with CVC will allow LaLiga clubs to launch projects to help them grow internationally, they will commit at least 70% of funding for infrastructure, international development, brand and product development, talent acquisition, communication strategies, innovation and technology planning. . And the development of content on digital platforms and social networks.

Through this strategic alliance with CVC, LaLiga has set a precedent for other leagues and for the sports and entertainment industry, who face the challenge of adapting to the ever-changing sector to continue to grow and innovate.

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