London vs Leitrim – preview, start team – start time Sunday 2:30 pm

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This is the opening game of the Connaught Championship and as we preview London vs. Leitrim, we have a starting team and a start time.

London vs. Latrium Sunday 2:30 p.m.

Having to withdraw due to Covid in 2020-21, London is back in Connaught Championship action for the first time in three years.

The last five championship meetings

2017: Leitrim 3-10 London 0-16 (Connach 1)St. Round)

2013: London 2-11 Leitrim 1-13 (Connaught Semifinal) Replay

2013: Leitrim 0-13 London 2-7 (Connaught Semifinals)

2012: Leitrim 0-12 London 1-8 (Conach 1)St. Round)

2007: Leitrim 1-12 London 2-5 (Conach 1)St. Round)

They beat London Leitrim 2-5 to 0-9 in their Division 4 match in February.

The Championship Games between London and Leitrim have been very close in recent times. Bar Leitrim has won three of the last five with an average of 2.6 points; One won London When one is drawn by another.

Sunday’s winners will play either Galway or Mayo in the semifinals.

Connaught Championship Fixtures

Quarterfinals: April 17: London vs. Latrium; New York vs. Sligo; April 24: Mayo vs. Galway Semifinals: May 1: Roscommon v Sligo / New York; May 8: Mayo / Galway vs. London / Leitrim Final: May 29

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