Mohali, 31 January: Roundglass Tennis Academy, part of Roundglass Sports, has announced a three-year contract with Babolat, one of the world’s most famous and iconic tennis equipment brands. The partnership, which began on January 1, 2022, will see Babolat sponsor tennis equipment for all players and coaches at the academy. The purpose of the collaboration is to support the growth and development of Indian tennis.

When it comes to partnerships, Mayur Basant, Business Head of Stag International (Babolat India) “We are delighted to be joining hands with the Roundglass Tennis Academy in Babola. Helping develop tennis in India is one of our main goals and we hope that through this partnership, we can help the academy develop future talents who can make a mark on the ATP and WTA circuits. “

Hrishikesh Shende, Lead – Marketing, Roundglass Sports“We are thrilled that Babolat, one of the world’s iconic tennis brands, is collaborating with us. The goal of Roundglass Tennis Academy is to provide world-class infrastructure, coaching and equipment to emerging athletes and help them meet their potential.

Founded in 1875 in Lyon, France, Babolat is one of the oldest racquet companies in the world. Some of the best tennis players in the world, such as Rafael Nadal, Dominic Thiem and Jennifer Brady, are associated with Babolat, as well as other top players in the ATP and WTA circuits.

About Roundglass Tennis Academy

Roundglass Tennis Academy is on a mission to develop, nurture and showcase talent through tennis among different communities in India. Vision is a leading tennis organization that harnesss the power of tennis to educate young people about education, health and wellness and to create the next generation of tennis heroes and community leaders.

About Roundglass Sports

Roundglass sports are creating opportunities for children and youth and in India to become proficient in sports like football, hockey and tennis, which is established by the principle of holistic wellbeing. Our goal is to channel their strengths and help them develop and unlock their full potential. To this end, we are transforming sports in Punjab and the rest of India by building infrastructure, providing high quality coaching and training and building a culture of sports participation through academies and grassroots programs.

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GAA matches online, Sky Sports, GAAGO and RTE

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We have a list of live GAA matches that will be broadcast live online, GAAGO Sky Sports & RTE, here are the fixtures for the Harling and Gaelic Football League and the Championship.

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Friday 1 April

Ulster U20FC Quarter Finals
Monaghan vs. Kavan, Iniskin, 8 p.m.
Derry vs. Antrim, Weinbeg, 8 p.m.
Donegal vs. Armagh, Ballybofe, 8 p.m.
Tyrone vs. Down, TBC, 8 p.m.

Saturday 2nd April

Allianz Football League Division 4 Final
Cavan v. Tipperary, Croke Park, 2.30pm

Allianz Football League Division 3 Final
Louth vs. Limerick, Croke Park, 4.45pm

Final in Allianz Hurling League Division 2
Down v Westmeath, Sample Stadium, 4.45pm

Allianz Hurling League Division 1 Final
Cork vs Waterford, Sample Stadium, 7.15pm

Allianz Hurling League / 2B / 3A / 3B Final
1st place team vs semifinal winner

All-Ireland U20HC B Quarter Finals

Sunday 3rd April

Allianz Football League Division 1 Final
Kerry vs. Mayo, Croke Park, 4 p.m.

Allianz Football League Division 2 Final
Roscommon vs Galway, Croke Park, 1.45pm

Liddell Ladies NFL Division 3 Final
Roscommon v. Wexford, Bir, 4 p.m.

Liddell Ladies NFL Division 4 Final
Limerick vs. Offali, Bir, 2 p.m.

Sunday 10 April

Liddell Ladies NFL Division 1 Final
Donegal vs. Myth, Croke Park, 4 p.m.

Liddell Ladies NFL Division 2 Final
Armagh vs. Kerry, Croke Park, 2 p.m.

Christy Ring Cup Round 1
Derry vs. Wicklow, TBC, TBC
Mayo vs. Kildare, TBC, TBC
London vs. Sligo, TBC, TBC

Nicky Record Cup Round 1
Fermanagh vs. Donegal, TBC, TBC
Armagh vs Roscommon, TBC, TBC
Warwickshire vs. Tyrone, TBC, TBC

Lorry Cloud Cup Round 1
Lancashire vs. Louth, TBC, TBC
Monaghan vs. Kavanagh, TBC, TBC
Leitrim vs. Longford, TBC, TBC

Saturday 16 April

Ulster SFC Preliminary Round
Farmanagh vs. Tyrone, TBC, TBC

Leinster SHC Round 1
Wexford vs. Galway, Chadwicks Wexford Park, TBC
Westmeath v. Kilkenny, TEG Cusack Park, 6 p.m.
Dublin vs. Laos, Parnell Park, 7.30pm

Joe McDonagh Cup Round 1
Meth vs. Carlo, TBC, TBC
Kerry vs. Down, TBC, TBC
Antrim vs. Ofhali, TBC, TBC

Christy Ring Cup Round 2
Killer vs. London, TBC, TBC
Wicklow vs. Mayo, TBC, TBC
Sligo vs. Derry, TBC, TBC

Saturday 16 April

Ulster SFC Preliminary Round
Farmanagh vs. Tyrone, TBC, TBC

Leinster SHC Round 1
Wexford vs. Galway, Chadwicks Wexford Park, TBC
Westmeath v. Kilkenny, TEG Cusack Park, 6 p.m.
Dublin vs. Laos, Parnell Park, 7.30pm

Joe McDonagh Cup Round 1
Meth vs. Carlo, TBC, TBC
Kerry vs. Down, TBC, TBC
Antrim vs. Ofhali, TBC, TBC

Christy Ring Cup Round 2
Killer vs. London, TBC, TBC
Wicklow vs. Mayo, TBC, TBC
Sligo vs. Derry, TBC, TBC

Sunday 17 April

Connach SFC Quarter Final
London vs. Leitrim, Ruislip, TBC
New York vs. Sligo, Gaelic Park, TBC

Munster SHC Round 1
Waterford vs. Tipperary, Walsh Park, 2 p.m.
Cork vs. Limerick, O’Caum Park, 4 p.m.

Nicky Record Cup Round 2
Roscommon v. Warwickshire, TBC, TBC
Donegal vs. Armagh, TBC, TBC
Tyrone vs. Farmanagh, TBC, TBC

Lorry Cloud Cup Round 2
Cavan v. Leitrim, TBC, TBC
Louth vs. Monaghan, TBC, TBC
Longford vs. Lancashire, TBC, TBC

Saturday 23rd April

Ulster SFC Quarter Finals
Antrim vs. Kavanagh, TBC, TBC

Leinster SHC Round 2
Wexford v Dublin, Chadwicks Wexford Park, 5 p.m.
Kilkenny vs. Laos, UPMC Nowlan Park, 5.30pm
Galway v Westmeath, Pierce Stadium, 7 p.m.

Munster SHC Round 2
Limerick vs. Waterford, TUS Gaelic Grounds, 6 p.m.

Joe McDonagh Cup Round 2
Carlo vs. Kerry, TBC, TBC
Offley vs. Meth, TBC, TBC

Christy Ring Cup Round 3
London vs. Mayo, TBC, TBC
Sligo vs. Wicklow, TBC, TBC
Kilder vs. Derry, TBC, TBC

Nicki Record Cup Round 3
Donegal vs. Roscommon, TBC, TBC
Tyrone vs. Armagh, TBC, TBC

Lorry Cloud Cup Round 3
Longford v. Louth, TBC, TBC

Sunday 24 April

Connach SFC Quarter Final
Mayo vs. Galway, TBC, TBC

Leinster SFC Round 1
Wicklow vs. Laois, Aughrim, TBC
Louth v. Carlo, Teltian Park, TBC
Wexford v. Offley, Chadwicks Wexford Park, TBC

Ulster SFC Quarter Finals
Donegal vs. Armagh, TBC, TBC

Munster SHC Round 2
Tipperary vs. Clare, FBD Sample Stadium, 2 p.m.

Joe McDonagh Cup Round 2
Down vs. Antrim, TBC, TBC

Nicki Record Cup Round 3
Farmanang v. Warwickshire, TBC, TBC

Lorry Cloud Cup Round 3
Leitrim vs. Monaghan, TBC, TBC
Cavan v. Lancashire, TBC, TBC

Saturday 30 April

Leinster SFC Quarter Finals
Dublin vs Afali / Wexford, Board or Mona O’Connor Park / Chadwicks Wexford Park, TBC

Munster SFC Quarter Final
Claire v. Limerick, Cusack Park, Ennis, 6 p.m.
Waterford vs. Tipperary, Freher Field, 6 p.m.

Ulster SFC Quarter Finals
Monaghan vs. Down, TBC, TBC

Joe McDonagh Cup Round 3
Kerry vs. Meth, TBC, TBC
Antrim vs. Carlo, TBC, TBC

Saturday 30 April / Sunday 1 May

All-Ireland U20HC B Final

Sunday, May 1

Connaught SFC Semifinals
Roscommon vs. New York / Sligo, TBC, TBC

Leinster SFC Quarter Finals
Kilder v. Louth / Carlo, Tailten Park / MW Hire O’Murley Park / Board Na Mona O’Connor Park, TBC
Meth vs. Laois / Wicklow, MW Haier O’Murray Park, TBC
Westmeath v. Longford, TEG Cusack Park, TBC

Ulster SFC Quarter Finals
Derry vs. Farmanagh / Tyrone, TBC, TBC

Leinster SHC Round 3
Galway v Kilkenny, Pierce Stadium, 2 p.m.
Laos vs. Wexford, MW Haier O’Murray Park, TBC
Westmeath v. Dublin, TEG Cusack Park, TBC

Munster SHC Round 4
Cork vs. Clare, FBD Sample Stadium, 2 p.m.

Joe McDonagh Cup Round 3
Down vs. Offley, TBC, TBC

Saturday, May 7

Munster SFC Semifinals
Cork vs. Kerry, Wein Rin Park, 6 p.m.

Christy Ring Cup Round 4
Derry vs. London, TBC, TBC
Wicklow vs. Kildare, TBC, TBC
May vs. Sligo, TBC, TBC

Nicky Record Cup Round 4
Roscommon vs. Tyrone, TBC, TBC
Warwickshire vs. Donegal, TBC, TBC
Armagh vs. Fermanagh, TBC, TBC

Lorry Cloud Cup Round 4
Lancashire vs. Leitrim, TBC, TBC
Louth vs. Kavanagh, TBC, TBC
Monaghan vs. Longford, TBC, TBC

Saturday 7 / Sunday 8 May

All-Ireland U20FC Semifinals
Concat vs. Leinster
Munster vs. Ulster

Sunday, May 8

Connaught SFC Semifinals
London / Leitrim vs Galway / Mayo, TBC, TBC

Ulster SFC Semifinals
Donegal / Armagh vs. Antrim / Cavan, TBC, TBC

Munster SHC Round 4
Limerick vs. Tipperary, TUS Gaelic Grounds, 2 p.m.

Saturday 14 May

Munster SFC Semifinals
Tipperary / Waterford vs. Clare / Limerick, TBC, 6 p.m.

Ulster SFC Semifinals
Monaghan / Down vs. Farmanagh / Tyrone / Derry, TBC, TBC

Leinster SHC Round 4
Dublin vs. Kilkenny, Parnell Park, 6 p.m.
Westmeath v. Wexford, TEG Cusack Park, 6 p.m.
Laos vs. Galway, MW Haier O’Murley Park, 6.30pm

Joe McDonagh Cup Round 4
Meth vs. Antrim, TBC, TBC
Carlo vs. Down, TBC, TBC
Kerry vs. Offali, TBC, TBC

Christy Ring Cup Round 5
Kildare in Sligo, TB, TB
Mayo vs. Derry, TBC, TBC
London vs. Wicklow, TBC, TBC

Nicki Record Cup Round 5
Fermanagh vs. Roscommon, TBC, TBC
Tyrone vs. Donegal, TBC, TBC
Warwickshire vs. Armagh, TBC, TBC

Lorry Cloud Cup Round 5
Cavan v. Longford, TBC, TBC
Monaghan vs. Lancashire, TBC, TBC
Leitrim vs. Louth, TBC, TBC

Saturday 14 / Sunday 15 May

All-Ireland U20FC Final

Sunday 15th May

Leinster SFC semifinals
TBC vs. TBC, Croke Park, 2 p.m.
TBC vs. TBC, Croke Park, 4 p.m.

Munster SHC Round 3
Waterford vs. Cork, Walsh Park, 2 p.m.
Claire v. Limerick, Cusack Park, Ennis, 4 p.m.

Saturday 21st May

Leinster SHC Round 5
Laos vs. Westmeath, MW Haier O’Murray Park, 6 p.m.
Kilkenny v. Wexford, UPMC Nowlan Park, 6 p.m.
Galway vs. Dublin, Pierce Stadium, 6 p.m.

Joe McDonagh Cup Round 5
Antrim vs. Kerry, TBC, TBC
Offali vs. Carlo, TBC, TBC
Down vs. Meth, TBC, TBC

Saturday 21 / Sunday 22 May

All-Ireland SFC Preliminary Round (if required)

Tailteann Cup Preliminary Round (if required)

Christie’s Ring Cup Final

Nicky Record Cup Final

Lorry Cloud Cup Final

All-Ireland U20HC Final
Leinster winner vs. Munster winner

Sunday 22 May

Munster SHC Round 5
Claire v. Waterford, Cusack Park, Ennis, TBC
Tipperary vs Cork, FBD Sample Stadium, TBC

Saturday 28 May

Leinster SFC Final
TBC vs. TBC, Croke Park, 7.30pm

Munster SFC Final
TBC vs. TBC, TBC, 3 p.m.

Saturday 28 / Sunday 29 May

Teltian Cup Round 1

Sunday 29 May

Connacht SFC Final
Roscommon / New York / Sligo vs. London / Leitrim / Galway / Mayo, TBC, TBC

Ulster SFC Final
Donegal / Armagh / Antrim / Cavan vs Monaghan / Down / Farmanagh / Tyrone / Derry, TBC, TBC

Saturday, June 4

Leinster SHC Final
TBC vs. TBC, Croke Park, 6 p.m.

Joe McDonagh Cup Final

Saturday 4 / Sunday 5 June

All-Ireland SFC Round 1

Teltian Cup quarter-finals

Sunday 5th June

Munster SHC Final
TBC vs. TBC, TBC, 4 p.m.

Saturday 11 / Sunday 12 June

All-Ireland SFC Round 2

All-Ireland SHC Preliminary Quarter Finals
Joe McDonagh finished third in the Cup winners vs. Munster group
Joe McDonagh finished third in the Group of Runners-up vs. Leinster group

Saturday 18 June

All-Ireland SHC Quarter Finals
Leinster Runner Up vs. Joe McDonagh Cup Winner / 3rd place in Munster Group
Monster Runner Up vs. Joe McDonagh Cup Runner Up / 3rd place in Leinster Group

Sunday 19 June

Teltian Cup semifinals

Saturday 25 June

All-Ireland SHC relegation play-off (if required)

Saturday 25 / Sunday 26 June

All-Ireland SFC Quarter Final

Saturday, July 2

All-Ireland SHC Semifinals
Leinster provincial winner vs. quarter final winner

Sunday, July 3rd

All-Ireland SHC Semifinals
Munster provincial winner vs. quarter final winner

Friday, July 8th

All-Ireland JFC Semifinals
Britain Winners vs. Kilkenny / New York
Britain Runners Up vs Kilkenny / New York

Saturday, July 9

Telten Cup Final

Saturday 9 / Sunday 10 July

All-Ireland SFC Semifinals
Connach * vs. Ulster *
Leinster * vs. Munster *

* Provincial champions or teams that beat them in the quarter finals

Sunday, July 10

All-Ireland JFC Final

Sunday 17 July

All-Ireland SHC Final

Sunday, July 24

All-Ireland SFC Final

Saturday 30 July

All-Ireland SHC Final Replay (if required)

Saturday, August 8

All-Ireland SFC Final Replay (if required)

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Extra Time Web Desk: Royal Challengers Bangalore beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 3 wickets in a low scoring thriller at Mumbai’s DY Patil Stadium on Wednesday.

With Royal Challengers Bangalore batting first, Kolkata Knight Riders could never start the innings as openers Venkatesh Iyer and Ajinkya Rahane got off cheaply after a slow start.

Captain Shreyas Iyer, who came to bat at 3, was also cheaply dismissed that day along with Nitish Rana by Sri Lankan magician Wanindu Hasaranga, who was dismissed by Bengal pacer Akash Deep, courtesy of taking 3 wickets. Some great bowling.

The batsmen who came after Billings, Narine and Sheldon were also cheaply dismissed by in-form RCB bowlers, with Andre Russell scoring some quick runs for the Kolkata franchise before the great Hershel Patel was dismissed.

It was then the last wicket partnership of Umesh Yadav and Varun Chakraborty, which helped KKR to score a respectable 128 in their 20 overs.

Coming to bat second, RCB top 3 KKR pacers including captain Faf du Plessis and Virat Kohli were cheaply dismissed by Umesh Yadav and Tim Southee. But the middle order of Wiley, Rutherford and Shahbaz helped turn the Bangalore franchise around and bring the match closer before the end of the match in Dinesh Karthik style.

However, it was a great day for Bengali cricket as both Akash Deep and Shahbaz Ahmed gave match winning performances for their team.

German national team goalkeeper and Bayern Munich Manuel Neuer has been named one of the best footballers in the world. His main qualities are serenity and confidence, which must spread to defenders and other team players. In this article, we will talk about football biography and Manuel Neuer’s personal life. Neuer was born in Gelsenkirchen on March 27, 1986, and it is not surprising that he graduated from one of the most famous teams in the region – Schalke 04.

Manuel Neuer

He made his debut for the first team in 2006 at the age of 20 and consolidated himself in the first XI after almost a second match. It is symbolic that this second match, which became decisive, was a double against Bayern. However, if you want more interesting football news in India, we recommend subscribing to specific sites using the link.

In the first season of 2006/2007, Manuel played 27 matches and played a total of 155 matches for Schalke, in which he conceded 150 goals. After the contract expired, he refused to renew it, although Jelsenkirchen’s leaders and all fans persuaded him to stay.

As a result, Neuer chose the most title club in Germany and signed a five-year deal with the Munich club in 2011. The deal cost 18 million euros and the talented goalkeeper, despite some anger from Munich fans, immediately became number one in Bayern. The most successful season was 2012-2013, where Manuel Neuer won 4 trophies with Bayern, which has never happened before.

In addition to the Bundesliga, the German Cup and the Supercup, Bayern won many coveted Champions League cups, losing to Barcelona in the semifinals (Neuer scoring his goals in that match against the Catalans). If you are fond of sports betting, we suggest you to go through the ratings of sports betting sites in India and choose a reliable bookmaker.

In the same 2013, he first joined the iconic team of the best football players in the world. The following season was also very successful for him and Bayern, as they won and won the championship with a few rounds. German Cup and Club World Cup. However, in the Champions League, they have seriously lost to future winners of the tournament – Real Madrid. For his personal life, it should be mentioned that Manuel Neuer is dating a beautiful girl Katherine Glitch.

Neuer made his national team debut in 2009 and entered the first XI after the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, where Germany won a bronze medal. In all, he has played 51 matches for the national team and the 2014 World Cup final will be 52 for him. Interestingly, in this tournament, Neuer played very confidently when he was out and often acted as a libro, out of his goal. Recall that earlier we wrote about Neuer’s teammates: Mesut Ozil, Thomas Mারller and Tony Kruse, who are trying their best to win the fourth World Cup in history for Germany through Manuel’s reliable play.

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We have a list of Galway Hurling and Gaelic football fixtures and results 2022. Click here for live GAA score update

Gaelic football

Allianz Hurling League Division 2 Final
Roscommon vs. Galway, 1:30 p.m., Sunday, April 3rd

April 24th
Connach quarter-finals
Mayo vs. Galway

Sunday, May 8
Connaught SFC Semifinals
London / Leitrim vs Galway / Mayo, TBC, TBC

Sunday 29 May
Connacht SFC Final
Roscommon / New York / Sligo vs. London / Leitrim / Galway / Mayo, TBC, TBC

Saturday 21 / Sunday 22 May

All-Ireland SFC Preliminary Round (if required)


Saturday 16 April

Leinster Hurling Round 1
Wexford vs. Galway

Saturday 23rd April

Leinster Hurling Round 2
Galway vs. Westmeath

Saturday 30 April

Leinster Hurling Round 3
Galway vs. Kilkenny

Saturday 14 May

Leinster Hurling Round 4
Laos vs. Galway

Saturday 21st May

Leinster Hurling Round 5
Galway vs. Dublin

Saturday, June 4

Leinster Hurling Final

Saturday 18 June

All-Ireland Hurling Quarter Final
Leinster Runner-up vs. Joe McDonagh Cup Winners / Third place Munster Group (if required)

Saturday 25 / Sunday 26 June

All-Ireland Football Quarter Final

Saturday, July 2

All-Ireland Hurling Semifinals
Leinster provincial winner vs. quarter final winner

Sunday 17 July

All-Ireland Hurling Final

Sunday, July 24

All-Ireland Football Final

Saturday 30 July

All-Ireland Hurling Final Replay (if required)

Saturday, August 8

All-Ireland Football Final Replay (if required)

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Extra Time Web Desk: Current England all-rounder Sam Curran has openly said on Thursday that he is “disappointed” to miss the Indian Premier League this season due to injury, although he has no regrets.

Quran said it would have been too early to return to action because he was recovering from the most serious injury of his young career.

“It simply came to our notice then. It’s a frustration to watch from home, “Quran, who played for the Chennai Super Kings, told ESPNcricinfo.

“I wanted to go (to the auction) but didn’t go – which was probably the best decision. Looking back, the IPL probably came too early. ”

The 23-year-old left-arm medium pace bowler suffered a stress fracture in his lower back during the second leg of the IPL in October last year.

“I definitely want to go back to some stage (IPL) because you learned a lot about your T20 game there: it’s a tournament where you survive and breathe in cricket. You go to breakfast every day and you sit with the superstars, sit down and talk about the game. “

Quran felt pain in his back during CSK’s defeat to Rajasthan Royals in October and later scans revealed that he was suffering from a stress fracture in the lower back, which ruled him out of the T20 World Cup and Ashes.

February 1, 2022 – Today LaLiga Group International is launching the formal creation of a new holding company that will coordinate Boost LaLiga, a strategic project that joins La Liga and Global Investment Fund CVC, which has an 8.2% stake in the new company.

The creation of this new company brings with it a new financial injection of € 298 million, with € 220 million going to the club which is part of the Boost La Liga and another মিল 78 million for strategic projects promoted by the new holding company. This is the second cash injection since the project was launched after a 400 million payment in mid-January. These first two financial injections represent 35% of the লা 1.994 billion agreed in the Boost La Liga project. The first 1 billion of the investment will be received by July 2022, with the remaining capital to be spent throughout 2023 and 2024, accelerating the modernization strategies of La Liga clubs over 20 years.

LaLiga has transferred its business areas to the new LaLiga Group International Holding Company. By doing this, and with the support of CVC as a strategic industry partner, LaLiga expects to achieve maximum growth and modernization in the medium and long term.

La Liga president Javier Tevez says: “This agreement, the first of its kind for professional sports in our country, will give La Liga clubs the much-needed boost to 20 years of rapid professionalization and development.”

First investment: growth and debt repayment

Of the first € 400 million investment, € 395 million has already been made available to clubs, with a 39% increase earmarked for investment. Other projects will include funding for the improvement and reconstruction of stadiums and sports complexes and adaptation of pitches to meet television regulations. 34% will already be used by clubs and SADs (public limited sports companies) to repay loans.

The agreement with CVC will allow LaLiga clubs to launch projects to help them grow internationally, they will commit at least 70% of funding for infrastructure, international development, brand and product development, talent acquisition, communication strategies, innovation and technology planning. . And the development of content on digital platforms and social networks.

Through this strategic alliance with CVC, LaLiga has set a precedent for other leagues and for the sports and entertainment industry, who face the challenge of adapting to the ever-changing sector to continue to grow and innovate.

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There are a large number of football fields scattered across the continent of Europe.

Football is one of the most popular sports in Europe which is organized professionally in all the countries of Europe.

The most prestigious and exciting competition is held In Europe, including the UEFA Champions League, Europa LeagueAnd domestic competitions such as the Football Association Cup in England, EtaLian Cup, and Kings Cup in Spain. Thus, it follows that the “old continent” has a large number of spectacular football fields.

The occasional FIFA World Cup final in Europe contributes considerably Renovation of new and modern football fields as well as existing football stadiums. The FIFA World Cup in England, Italy, Germany, France and Spain can be recalled.

There are other important ones besides the European football field Stadiums such as Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, the United States, South Africa, Japan and South Korea cross European borders. Speaking of non-European football grounds, the huge investment made by it cannot be ruled out. Qatar is the next venue for the FIFA World Cup finals. The FIFA World Cup is scheduled to start in Qatar in November this year.

Some Qatari stadiums include Stadium 974 which has a seating capacity of 40,000 and is built from shipping.Container and modular steel resonate with the country’s maritime history; Lucille Stadium, which will host the World Cup finals and has a capacity of 60,000 spectators; Al Bayt Stadium with a capacity of 60,000 and it will be a playgroundWorld Cup event.

Back to the European scene – England, the birthplace of football, has an unlimited number of football fields that reflect and link with major football clubs such as Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal. And Tottenham Hotspurs.

The Etihad Stadium in the east of Manchester is the home ground of the stream English PremiershipChampionNS Manchester City. With a seating capacity of over 53,000, Etihad makes it the fifth largest stadium in England and the tenth largest in the United Kingdom.

The 1900s and 2000s will be regarded as historical teams from other parts Manchester – Manchester United – play their home game at Old Trafford. The Red Devils and their supporters have seen epic battles in their home-grounds and have colorful stories to tell about the games; Coaches and players like Matt Busby, A.Lex Ferguson, Bobby Charlton and George Best.

Merseyside’s team, Liverpool Football Club, although not the most modern or glamorous football ground, can boast of the magic around Anfield. There is something really special about Liverpool H.ome the ground is probably “The Cop” Liverpool supporters, all chanting their team’s mantra in red because of the “You Will Never Walk Alone” feature.

The Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales is one of the most modern football fields in the U.S.United Kingdom. Between 2001 and 2006, when Wembley Stadium was being rebuilt and renovated, it hosted the FA and League finals of English football. The Welsh national team is currently playing its international games at the Millennium Stadium..

Rome’s stadium is home to Olympico, Roma AC and Lazio SS, one of the most romantic stadiums in Italy. Stadio Olympico in conjunction with the home grounds of San Siro, Milan AC and Inter Milan, and the Allianz Stadium in Turin.Juventus d, the top of the Italian football field.

The Allianz Arena, the home ground of the famous German team Bayern Munich, was built by Germany in 2006 before the FIFA World Cup. Allianz Arena is an example of a modern start.A reflection of how sophisticated Adam and German engineering is and a perfect vision of what the future football field should look like.

Needless to say, Spain hosts some of the best and brightest football fields in Europe. Having a team like Real Madrid, bThere are football fields like Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid, Ken Spain, Santiago Bernabeu and Nou Camp.

The Home Games are held in the Santiago Bernabeu Legendary football team Real Madrid. One of the most successful football clubs in Europe, Real Madrid has been promoted as one of the best attractions to play and watch at their home ground. Seating capacity is over 80,000 spectators and wWorld-class players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, Iker Casillas, Zinedine Zidane and David Beckham have the honor of playing at the Santiago Bernabeu.

The Catalan region of Spain is the organizer of the Nou Camp. It is the home ground of other famous Spaniardssh Football Club Barcelona. The seating capacity is over 99,000 and it could be a real test for the teams coming to play Barcelona at the Nou Camp. In many football seasons, it was Lionel Messi’s home ground when he played his football at Other big names are Pep Guardiola, now manager of Manchester City in England; Ronaldinho; Romario and Luis Figo.

The above mentioned football fields and others located in France, Denmark, Scotland, Sweden and other European countries. The Netherlands, all spectacular and monumental. However, nothing can beat the best of the best football grounds in Europe.

Wembley Stadium in England remains the ultimate destination not only for English clubs and English players, but also for foreign countries.l Foreign players as well as teams. Recently redesigned and renovated, the stadium now has a huge arch over Wembley Stadium which is located in the birthplace of football as well as has a mythical significance and a special place in football.All over the world. It is a football field where all football fans want to see and enjoy the bright atmosphere of the stadium.

Like a soprano song at La Scala in Milan playing at Wembley Stadium; Pairing the latest fashion design is like a model Academic education at Paris Fashion Week or Sorbonne. The atmosphere created by the English supporters supporting the English national team is beyond this world. One has to be present to really feel the magic.

In the meantime, you can see you are eitherSupport your favorite football team at home, or bet on it A. Decent betting site Without verification. Alternatively, you can make your way to one of the stadiums mentioned above, and enjoy the dangers and thrills of first-hand football.

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Extra Time Web Desk: Fresh from a narrow defeat to Royal Challengers Bangalore, Shreyas Iyer’s Kolkata Knight Riders will be aiming to return to winning ways in a thrilling match against the Punjab Kings on Friday. Wankhede Stadium.

Batting at Wankhede, where the track is relatively fresh, has not been seen in two games played at the venue so far.

It may be the first day of the two-month-long IPL but the toss is already playing a significant role in the outcome of the game with dew appearing in the second half.

Kolkata opener Ajinkya Rahane and attacking Venkatesh Iyer died cheaply against RCB and the pair will be looking to give the team a strong start.

Although captain Shreyas Iyer, who is in good form despite the setback against RCB, will play a key role at the wheel, support like Nitish Rana will be needed.

Continuity will be the key in the case of left-handed runners. In addition to these two, Sam Billings, Sheldon Jackson and big-hitter Andre Russell will be in charge of the middle order.

The KKR line-up has batsmen who can scatter in any attack and the management will expect them all to shoot in unison against Punjab.

On the bowling front, pacer Umesh Yadav was great in both the matches with the new ball. Veteran Kiwi bowler Tim Southee, who replaces Shivam Mavi and has taken three wickets, also has a leading role.

A form of concern for Kolkata will be the form of spinner Varun Chakraborty, who will have to hit fast.

Predicted KKR XI: Ajinkya Rahane, Venkatesh Iyer, Shreyas Iyer (C), Nitish Rana, Sam Billings (WK), Andre Russell, Sunil Narine, Shivam Mavi, Tim Southee, Umesh Yadav, Varun Chakraborty

Every NBA franchise is looking for players who can be a fundamental part of building their team around. Drafts are often the best place to find these basic pieces. Most of them will get a higher place in the draft, but will catch some cracks and eventually get down to the draft in a better team. This is not the case when you are referring to LeBron James. Coming out of St. Vincent-St Mary’s High School, James was identified as one of the best prospects of all time and had the relentless pressure on his shoulders to become one of the best players of all time. What LeBron James has done in his 19-year NBA career has made him one of the best NBA players of all time.

LeBron James All-Star captain once again

LeBron James has earned the respect of his peers since entering the league and that was 19 years ago. LeBron James has turned this honor into captain of the team for this year’s All-Star Game. As soon as a captain is nominated, it shows how much respect he has received from his peers, especially at the age of 37. LeBron James has been in the NBA for a long time and this is something that touches most people.

For 5M During his colorful career, James was a captain in the NBA All-Star Game. To be a captain, he has to garner the most votes from the fans and this is a great achievement for someone of his age to still be among the best in the league. The NBA has some of the best basketball players in the world, and many of them are young, rising stars who have begun to occupy the league. Stars like Jason Tatum and Zion Williamson have long been family names and this makes LeBron James even more impressive as an all-star captain. LeBron James has been an all-star for the lion’s share of his career and has done an ideal job for other players to follow in his footsteps. Who knows how many more All-Star games LeBron will play before all is said and done.

In LeBron’s NBA career, he has amassed a collection in 18 All-Star appearances. Tied for that 2nd All the time with the late great Kobe Bryant. Karim Abdul-Jabbar has the most 19. At the rate at which LeBron James is now playing, he will replace Abdul-Jabbar in the 2024 All-Star Game. The most impressive quality of LeBron James is how he holds his body. As far as it goes, his team goes deep into the playoffs every season. He played the post-season playing season during his career. It would be fair to assume that LeBron’s days as an all-star are coming soon, but James has repeatedly proved that he is not like any other player before him. He built differently and spent a lot of money to keep himself in shape to maximize his dominance in court.

At this point, it should come as no surprise that LeBron James is an all-star. It should come as no surprise that he was named captain for the 2022 All-Star Game. A captain is someone who is a symbol of leadership and dedication. LeBron James fits this description perfectly and that’s why he’s been a captain in the All-Star Game since he introduced the captains in 2018. Not only has James been one of the best players in the league since the 2003 draft, he has also been one of the most vocal players on and off the field. Undoubtedly, it has played an important role in electing him as captain every year. Being an inspirational player plays a huge role, but using his platform to promote social justice deepens his influence more than any other player in the game right now.

The thing that makes LeBron James great is the journey he took to get to this point. LeBron grew up without a father in his life and was a mother who worked hard to make ends meet. His mother, Gloria, felt it was in her son’s best interest to move in with Frank Walker and to have a more stable environment conducive to his success. LeBron grew under a lot of pressure with the Ohio Mr. Basketball naming and three-year USA Today All-USA First Team selection. The amount of pressure to succeed was huge, but James was not the kind of person to step back from the challenge. He took everything forward and it made him the player he is today. LeBron had a chip on his shoulder all his life and you can see that every time you see him on the court.

When all this is said and done, a lawsuit will be filed that LeBron James could arguably be the best basketball player in NBA history. His talent and work ethic is undeniable and it originated from his childhood and it is necessary to prove everyone wrong about him. Once James has tasted success, he will not be denied the search for the best basketball player he can be. The fact that LeBron James is an all-star captain is not surprising to anyone. All of LeBron James has dominated what he has done in his 19-year NBA career and provided guidance and wisdom to everyone he has spoken to. A perfect role model, James is the perfect person to represent the best players in the world and the ideal way for players and coaches to be nominated as a captain is to show their appreciation for what he has done for the game of basketball. Kids around the world should get his basketball card and keep it at home and be reminded of his greatness because he could end up being the best player of all time. Enjoy what He does because He will not last forever.

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