Westmeath vs. Kilkenny – Preview and starting team

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Westmath vs Kilkenny – Preview and starting team – 6pm starting time, Brian Cody leading Kilkenny to the championship for the 24th year.

Westmeath vs. Kilkenny
They met for the first time since 2006 when Kilkenny won the Leinster semifinals by 14 points. Westmeath never lost to Kilkenny in the Leinster Championship.

The last five championship meetings
2006: Kilkenny 1-23 Westmeath 1-9
1989: Kilkenny 4-29 Westmeath 3-5
1987: Kilkenny 4-20 Westmeath 4-5
1985: Kilkenny 1-30 Westmeath 1-10
1982: Kilkenny 7-31 Westmeath 0-13
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Westmeath are back in the Leinster Championship for the first time since 2017 when they reached the quarter-finals via ‘Round Robin’. They lost to Ofali in the quarter finals.

Brian Cody led Kilkenny to the championship for the 24th year. He played twice against Westmeath in the Championship in 1976 and 1982.

Westminster is playing Leinster ‘Round Robin’ for the first time. Read Kilkenny’s ‘Round Robin’ record in 2018-2019: 8 played; Won 5; Drew 1; Lost 2. They lost to Galway in the 2018 final and to Wexford in the 2019 final.

Kilkenny topped Group B in this year’s Allianz League (Div 1), winning four and losing one of five games. They lost to Cork in the semifinals. Westmeath has won five of seven games in 2A, they have been promoted to Division 1.

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